Financial Information

What does this franchise cost?


  • R150 000
    We like to see our franchises operating profitably right from the beginning and the low start up costs makes it possible for you to apply for affordable financing.
  • Your package will be delivered to you during the 3 day Training Course, approximately 5 weeks after signing the agreement and payment has been finalized.
  • You will need your own cell phone, a computer with email & internet access and a suitable vehicle or trailer (or choose the trailer option in your start-up kit).
  • What do I get for my investment?


  • 3 days of intensive beginners training
  • Toolbox with relevant contents
  • Jumping Castle (suitable for ages 1 – 8 years) OR New Caged Trailer OR Extra Large Easy Up Gazebo (4.2m x 2.8m, branded on all sides)
  • Helium Balloon Valve Unit
  • Hand held balloon pump for balloon trees
  • Operations and Procedures Manual
  • Monkey Magic E-mail Address with your contact details listed on our state-of-the-art Website and other party-related sites


  • CD Templates & Photo Catalogue
  • 5000 A5 Flyers
  • 2 x Car Magnets
  • 1000 Business Cards
  • Monkey MagicApron
  • 2 x A-Frame Advertising Boards


  • 50 x Kids Jolly Chairs (The Jolly range is used as they are easy to find so that you can purchase more as your business grows)
  • 15 x Kids Jolly Tables
  • 170 x Kids Chaircovers(various colours)
  • 17 x Large Plain Material Tablecloths for kids tables(various colours)
  • 40 x Stretch Tiebacks
  • 5 x fold-up trestle tables (adults)
  • 25 x plastic adult chairs
  • 50 x stretch chaircovers (adult chairs)
  • 10 x full length tablecloths
  • 10 x Organza Overlays
  • 10 x Organza ribbon for tiebacks (various colours)
  • 20 x table runners
  • 3 x Fabric Flag Banners
  • 3 x Generic Happy Birthday Banners
  • 20 x Themed Plastic Tablecloths
  • 4 x Themed Photoboards
  • 1 x Photoboard frame
  • 500 x balloons
  • 50 x balloon sticks
  • 5 x Ribbon for balloons
  • 1 x cupcake stand
  • Additional decor