Training and Support

You will receive a 3-day comprehensive and detailed Training Course – we’ll deliver your Start-Up Package at the same time. You’ll be fully trained to compile quotes, plan and set-up parties, carry out your own local marketing in your area, run an efficient office & accounting system, and manage your own business. You’ll also receive continuous support from Head Office to make sure that your success is ongoing.

All our franchises also get together nationally (Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng – you would join your closest centre) each year to share information & ideas, discuss problems and have a little fun! You will also benefit from purchasing party décor and accessories directly from our suppliers at wholesale prices.

Our franchises benefit from and enjoy the constant national marketing done by Monkey Magic Head Office. Our Website is professionally managed and maintained, ensuring that it is registered with all the search engines, is linked to numerous other event and child-related sites in South Africa and has an impressive hit count because of the Google experts we’ve employed. We have a comprehensive Picture Gallery for your clients to view the party themes and services we offer. We also have a Quote Request Page which clients can complete online and this is then sent through to you. This streamlines the party booking process and ensures an efficient turnaround time on quotes so that you don’t lose out on any party bookings.